Top European MICE destinations and 2019 trends

Current MICE trends and top 10 European destinations for business travel

On 26th July, our team will be attending the annual Get Global exhibition at Sydney’s International Convention Centre.

Get Global is a MICE industry exhibition focused on Australia’s outbound market. Having opened a Sales office in Sydney in 2018, the event will provide the perfect opportunity for us to meet international agents and strengthen our existing connections.

So, this month our blog is all about MICE travel…

MICE trends – 2019 and beyond

The MICE industry is growing rapidly and, as the demographic of business travellers also transforms, we see dynamic change and an ever-evolving landscape:

Personalisation – where individuality is increasingly valued, tailor-made events which demonstrate attention to detail are key to creating a memorable MICE experience; reflecting the company’s values and team – via food, venues and experiences – is something that we are regularly asked to assist with.

Unique experiences – ‘experiential’ has become a lifestyle buzzword, and we find ourselves catering to an increasing demand for immersive elements, whether that’s unusual team building activities, or authentic entertainment, cultural or culinary experiences.

Wellness – health and wellbeing continue to be a significant part of the global conversation, and this extends into MICE travel. Wellness is reflected in a turn towards flavour-full, freshly prepared food to boost energy and aid concentration; in addition, incentive trips cater to physical and mental health, with tranquil locations and activities to revitalise guests and minimise their stress-levels.

Buzz-worthy innovation – creativity has gone to the next level, with many MICE organisers tasked with conceptualising an event that generates Instagram-appeal and a real ‘wow!’ factor, from venues and décor to catering, entertainment and activities.

Technology – bespoke event apps – designed specifically for ease of registration and organisation of delegates, and to aid communication and connection – become evermore sophisticated; web casting and live streaming are no longer considered a ‘nice-to-have’ but are increasingly an essential element of today’s MICE events, where content is shared across the world; and virtual reality presentations will become the norm as interactivity is boosted.

Ultimately, the overarching trend is for MICE events that appear streamlined and simple to guests, where technology and the personal touch combine. Discerning MICE decision makers desire a slick delegate experience, which requires meticulous planning, and our experienced events teams work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that guests have a seamless experience, from start to finish.

Top 10 European cities for MICE travel

Europe provides a plethora of perfect destinations for MICE events, with benefits which include:

• buzzy, vibrant cities
• luxurious hotels
• quality, budget-matching accommodation
• exceptional cuisine and entertainment
• state-of-the-art conference and convention facilities
• reliable public transport
• easily accessed locations – well connected via international airports and/or ports
• a wealth of culture and diverse experiences to inspire guests
• safe and secure – minimal risks related to violence/terrorism, cybersecurity and extreme weather

Here are 10 fantastic all-round European MICE destinations:

1. Brussels
2. Barcelona
3. Paris
4. Lisbon
5. Milan
6. Berlin
7. Vienna
8. London
9. Copenhagen
10. Munich

For more than 40 years we’ve shared our travel expertise to create comprehensive European travel solutions – to discuss a MICE itinerary, please get in touch.

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