From Edinburgh to Paros: Tracing the Footsteps of Emma and Dexter in ‘One Day’

Hey there, it’s Dylan from Europe Incoming, your trusted European DMC, welcoming you back to EI’s Insights—your prime source for all things related to European travel. 🌍✨ Today, we’re diving into the captivating world of “One Day”, the Netflix adaptation that’s got everyone talking. 🎬❤️ If you’re like me and can’t get enough of Emma and Dexter’s bittersweet love story, then you’ll definitely want to know about the stunning European locations where this series was filmed. 🇪🇺🎥

First stop, the enchanting city of Edinburgh, Scotland. 🏴✨ This is where Em and Dex’s journey begins, with their first meeting at their university graduation party. 🎓🎉 The production team made sure to capture the authentic feel of the city by filming several scenes right on the University of Edinburgh campus. 🏛️ And that breath-taking view of Edinburgh Castle where the couple shares a romantic kiss? 💏 That’s from the top of the picturesque Vennel Steps. Talk about a fairy-tale moment! 🏰❤️ 

Jumping over to London, “One Day” showcases some of the city’s most iconic locations, from the elegant Savoy Hotel 🏨 to the hustle and bustle of King’s Cross station. 🚂 But the scene that truly stole my heart was when Em and Dex share a heart-to-heart over wine on Primrose Hill, with the dazzling London skyline stretching out before them. 🍷🌆 

Of course, we can’t forget the significance of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. This imposing hill holds a special place in the couple’s story, as they hike to the top on the day they first meet. 🥾 The panoramic views of the city from the summit are absolutely breath-taking, making it clear why the “One Day” crew was determined to make the trek up there to capture the perfect shot! 🌄 

When Dex and Em jet off to the sun-soaked island of Paros, Greece for a holiday, we’re treated to the quintessential Greek isle experience—think whitewashed buildings, vibrant flowers, and charming cobblestone streets. 🇬🇷☀️ It’s during their moonlit skinny dipping scene that Dex finally musters up the courage to confess his feelings for Em…before promptly putting his foot in his mouth. Oh, Dex! 🌙💦 

The production team also made sure to capture the essence of Rome, juxtaposing Dex’s vibrant scenes in the Eternal City with Em’s somewhat less glamorous drama tour in England. 🇮🇹🎭 While we don’t catch a glimpse of the iconic Spanish Steps or Colosseum, the terrace of the Bio Hotel Raphaël and the entrance of the Campo de’ Fiori hotel perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Rome. 🏨🍇 

Later on, when Em moves to Paris, we follow the couple as they meander through charming Parisian streets and bridges, eventually arriving at Em’s flat on the historic Rue des Gobelins. 🇫🇷🚶♂️ This street boasts a fascinating connection to the renowned Gobelins Manufactory, which has been producing exquisite tapestries and textiles for French royalty since the 17th century. 🏭🎨 

Last but not least, the magnificent Hatfield House in Hertfordshire served as the filming location for Tilly’s wedding reception. Interestingly, this is also where scenes from Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte were shot! 👰♀️🏰 Given the house’s connections to Queen Elizabeth I and its breath-taking Jacobean architecture, it’s no surprise that it’s a sought-after filming spot. 📽️🌹 

So there you have it—a behind-the-scenes look at the key filming locations for “One Day”. From the cobbled streets of Edinburgh to the sun-drenched shores of Paros, these dreamy destinations brought Em and Dex’s love story to life in the most magical way. 💑🌟 I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to pack my bags and embark on some set-jetting of my own! 🧳✈️ 

Until we meet again with more travel tips, keep discovering and stay smart. This is Dylan from Europe Incoming, saying goodbye. Safe travels and see you soon! ✈️🌍💼

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